Flir Thermal Monocular

Flir Thermal Monocular

This monocular has a body that is sleek contoured hand rests. Additionally utilizes a very first generation intensifier pipe that is extremely effective and permits a max 35,000 light amplification. In a place that is completely dark no ambient light is usually to be discovered, the monocular built-in Total Darkness Technology running on the Infrared (IR) illuminator comes to save. The Night Storm scope additionally comes with another camera adapter thereby converting an ordinary digital camera for the home into one having night vision capabilities.

The unit's diopter permits modification all the way to 5 and 1' to infinity array of consider any object in range. The Night Storm contains a great 40 lp/mm that makes the product among the imaging devices that are best in addition to the most accurate in the marketplace, offered at a tremendously affordable price. You will find three different night vision monocular generations regarding the ATN Night Storm Scope that may be purchased by having a two year guarantee provided by ATN corp. In the event of a factory demo product the item is shipped having a twelve months warranty through the date of purchase by the ATN corp.

The ATN Storm Night Vision Monocular come in two models night:

NVMNNSTM10B: ATN Storm Monocular - Black Body night

NVMNNSTM10Y: ATN Storm Monocular - Yellow Body night

Some specifications of the Storm monocular night:

intensifier pipes.

- Diopter adjustment +/- 5

- Light gain 35,000 maximum

- Total darkness technology. Standard Magnification 3.5X

- ATN Video / 35 mm digital camera Adapter (Note: Camera adapter is optional rather than included by default)

There's a two year warranty duration regarding the unit, as well as for a factory demo product it's twelve months through the date of purchase.

- Night Vision Recognition range 100

- Lens systems element F1.2, 50 mm

- variety of included accessories that are monocular

- Soft carrying Case

- quality 40 lp/mm

- Vision Detection range 150 m night

- Intensifier tube res that are high Available with ATN Generation 1, 2, 3, 4 NightVision infrared - selection of focus 1' to infinity

- Optional Accessories for the Night Storm

- FOV 18 deg.

- measurements 170x58x94 mm

- Weight 14.5 oz

- Controls Direct

- Batterylife 10-20 hours

- ATN Instruction Manual

- Power supply on 3 volt lithium

- Packing box

- One Lithium Battery
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Golfers, hikers and bird watchers want to carry a monocular as it is only half the weight and size of a binocular and much easier to pack. Those who have little space to stow prefer a monocular over a binocular.

Monoculars permits the application of only one eye to look at the articles which causes some issues. The same problem is faced while using telescopes hence many people prefer binoculars as opposed to monoculars or telescopes.

Monoculars are chosen when it's required to view objects that are stationary. That is the good reason why astronomers prefer monoculars.

Various reports occur about monoculars in ancient Arabia plus in many of other parts worldwide. Early recorded patents indicate that telescopic monoculars were built in 17th century. Then though monoculars had been used in activities so that as a defensive device during wars. A monocular was a perfect device to find and determine riders from far down, and also to determine from their ads or color whether or not they are friend or foe.

Earliest reported history programs Hans Lippershey since the telescope that is first including both monocular and binocular variety even though he could be maybe not initial person to actually design and produce this type of device.

Costs of contemporary monoculars range from the most expensive to very cheap day. Monoculars meant as a doll for children have magnifications of only 3 or 4 times plus they are very cheap. Costlier monoculars with 30x or greater magnifications are constructed of better prisms and lenses.
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